You will find here new ideas about intimacy… This is an ebook, available for immediate download.

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You will find here new ideas about intimacy between lovers: a vital topic, long-debated.

The author deals with the subject of intimacy as “Reality vs. Religion.” The need for intimacy is engrained in all of us by our Creator. Even in old age, the author proclaims through personal experience, people need intimacy with a loved one. This intimacy, to be healthy, must harmonize with the purposes of God. The author discusses our need, created by God, for intimacy and how it continues even while we  enter retirement age.

He dashes unhealthy prejudices on this subject and establishes a concept readers will be challenged to explore. There are contrasts throughout the book between what the Bible relates about intimacy and how society views intimacy. These create food for thought about common misunderstandings of intimacy and how a correct intimate relationship fosters good health. The book is designed especially for people past child rearing age, mature individuals. The author describes how love can be viewed differently between young and old. He gives examples in each chapter to clarify his points about intimacy for older people.

This book will disrupt traditional thinking for those whose view of the Bible is rote and literalistic. It delves into our need to view the Bible as the living pathway to an understanding that the Word of God connects us intimately with the God of Word, who wants us to be healthy and vibrant in all areas of life.

This is an ebook, available for immediate download.

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