Creative Confusion: Popular beliefs that “ain’t necessarily so”

Creative Confusion: Popular beliefs that “ain’t necessarily so”


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The author suggests that physicists who violate the scientific method deserve to be teased with “It ain’t necessarily so.”

Chapter one suggests that all we see (Matter) is God’s Word-energy slowed down. The Creator’s voiceprint lives in the particles and waves within all matter.
Chapter two explains that God, being eternal, therefore always had a place to live, pre-existing the creation story we read in Genesis 1, and that the Bible tells about recent events.
Chapter three suggests reasons to question that Earth spins at 1,000 miles per hour, suggesting that instead our sun moves around the Earth at a percentage of the speed of light
Chapter four applies these deep questions to practical everyday life with the cheerful reminder that we must be humble and admit that our opinions “ain’t necessarily so.”

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