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This site has been us since December of 2018 and already you found it. Good for you. It is a startup with all kinds of content. Hi. I am Richard Palmquist, founder of Family Stations, Inc., home of the false alarm in 2011, when my once-partner Harold Camping went off the rails in predicting the end of the world.

That was him. Not me. We worked together for seven years. Then, I went to other tasks. I helped people build FM radio stations for a few years. Had some impressive customers. That task ending when the FCC decided FM had grown enough so the rules had to change. That rule change put me out of the building business. I instead went on to take the management of KDNO, Delano, California.

You may have become acquainted with me there. Good for you. A lot of what we learned together is posted here on this site. Look over the postings over on the right. When I first put together the content of this web site, I dug into my history and fourn 1,307 files of past memories. Not all of them are up and available yet. But I am working on it.

Tell your friends about www.richardpalmquist.com and about YouTube’s Tom Sawyer Retired features and about www.tomfun.fun. All of this is dedicated to help unravel CONFUSION today.

We as a society are confused about a lot of things. Let’s try to get a little focus, a little bit of understanding to un-confuse us. Join the effort.

My career began with the founding of Family Stations, Inc. To learn of the beginnings of that network, here is an ancient link telling my story. http://frfounders.org/richard-palmquist/

The autobiography of Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) was so hot, so biting, that he had it embargoed. It was not released until a hundred years after his death. It is now for sale in three volumes, each of which is as huge as the OXFORD DICTIONARY. Too much. Maybe not too late, but the poor fellow had no computer. He wrote it an hour and a half each day, by dictation. He confessed to having no care for organizing his thoughts. They are just there in print scattered and full of fun and wisdom.

My choice is to share wisdom and fun now (and later) by making my ideas available today, in bite size. Well, some of this information is in huge bites, but you will find a lot of thought starters here that will take very little time. I hope what you read will start some good ideas cooking in your mind.

Make it a point to read carefully about what I have learned about money, about how the creation of money works and how politicians the world over display either their ignorance, arrogance or simple lack of caring by continuing the practice of collecting income tax.

Talk back. Have no fear. I respect you. Whatever you have to say is valuable to you and it could be helpful to other visitors. So read, then think and do not leave here until you blog your response.

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