Richard Palmquist welcomes you

Hi. I am Richard Palmquist, founder of Family Stations, Inc.

You have found a site with several purposes. First, you will get access here to eBook copies of my writing. Next, from time to time you will find posting, even BLOGS, that you can share with friends. Finally, little by little, there will be a vast collection of writings from the past with connection to current issues.

I intend for this site to contain information about current day confusion and how we can make sense of the confusion all around us.

You can buy eVersions of my books from here. Share your thoughts with me. Let’s get acquainted, agree or argue and have fun sharing thoughts.

About Me

Hi. Are you confused?

If you say you are not? Well, think again.

I am Richard Palmquist, founder of Family Stations, Inc. Did we know each other when I owned the Enterprise News Newspaper in California’s Central Valley? Or did you listen to 50kw KDNO, Delano, California? Perhaps you found phone numbers in our Handi-Directories created for Tulare County and Kern County. Whatever the past:

Reading my books can help you clear up confusion finding a companion, confusion about your character, confusion about creation and confusion about the our cosmos.

We have clear thinking ahead, sharing with each other.

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